MAR 03, 2006 :::::
Liebherr Relies on industrialevents

As industrialevents wraps up another successful HELI-EXPO in Dallas ( for Liebherr Aerospace, we begin to prepare for the next big project for Liebherr SAS at the 2006 Intermat in Paris ( This over 400 square meter, two-story outdoor stand will utilize just under 100 tons of steel and 15 tons of concrete and is the largest project completed for this vital client to date.

We challenge any source to deliver this level of quality, in this price range, with this attention to detail and distinctiveness of design. Our team stands ready to deliver this type of solution to any client at any venue in the world. Let us know if we can help you take your event marketing program to the next level.

Dan O'Malley
Managing Director

Jeff Jarzynka
Creative Director


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